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Appliances Plan™

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Combo Plan™

Garbage Disposals Not Included Included Included
Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers Not Included Included Included
Refrigerators Not Included Included Included
Ranges/Ovens/Cooktops Not Included Included Included
Clothes Washers Not Included Included Included
Clothes Dryers Not Included Included Included
Dishwashers Not Included Included Included
Built-in Microwave Ovens Not Included Included Included


Air Conditioning and Ductwork Included Not Included Included
Heating and Ductwork Included Not Included Included
Electrical Included Not Included Included
Doorbells Included Not Included Included
Ceiling Fans Included Not Included Included
Plumbing (including stoppages) Included Not Included Included
Water Heaters Included Not Included Included
Re-Key Included Not Included Included
Garage Door Openers Included Not Included Included

over 70% of customers choose the Combo Plan

Appliances Plan™

10 appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, overns, cooktops and more.

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    Garbage Disposals Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers Refrigerators Ranges/Ovens/Cooktops Clothes Washers Clothes Dryers Dishwashers Built-in Microwave Ovens View Covered Item Details Here

Systems Plan™

11 of your home's major systems, including plumbing, HVAC, electrical and more.

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Combo Plan™

The Combo Plan combines the System Plan and Appliances Plan to give you the most comprehensive coverage at the best price.

A/C Unit and Stove - Covered Under AHS Combo Home Warranty
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Buying or Selling a Home?

American Home Shield has home warranty plans specifically designed for home buyers and sellers.

American Home Shield Contractor

Finally a warranty you'll actually use!

Every plan from American Home Shield® can help protect your budget because:

You don't pay the full cost of repairing or replacing items covered by your home warranty.

Regardless of age, make, or model, your contract helps cover the repair or replacement of covered items.

Neither a home inspection nor maintenance records are required!

If we can't repair the covered item - we'll replace it or offer an alternative solution!
An American Home Shield® Home Warranty covers many systems and appliances, but not necessarily the entire system or appliance – click here for details.

America's Home Warranty Company®.
With more than 15,000 contractors in our nationwide network, you can rest easy knowing that no matter where you are, there’s a qualified professional nearby to serve you.

Extra Coverage

  • Electronic Extended Warranty

    Exclusive offer by Asurion Services, LLC to AHS customers. All electronics related coverage and services to be provided by Asurion Services, LLC.

    • Extended warranty protection for:
      • LED, LCD, and Plasma TVs
      • Laptops/Desktops
      • Tablets
      • Home Theater Systems
      • Gaming
      • Smart Home Products
      • ... and more! (see Terms and Conditions for full list of covered items)
    • Repair of covered electronic devices due to normal wear and tear, power surge, and defects in materials and/or workmanship.
      • Annual laptop battery replacement
      • No age restrictions
      • Receipts are not required
      • Registration are not required
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  • Pools and Spas

    Protect components of the heating, pumping and filtration systems for your pool and spa.

    Shared equipment is covered. If equipment is not shared, then only one or the other is covered unless an additional fee is paid.

    • Above ground components and parts of the heating, pumping, and filtration system including: Pool sweep motor and pump
    • Pump motor
    • Blower motor and timer
    • Plumbing pipes and wiring
    • Plumbing and electrical.
    See More Info
  • Well Pump

    Cover the components and parts of your well pump.

    Shared equipment is covered. If equipment is not shared, then only one or the other is covered unless an additional fee is paid.

    • All components and part of well pump utilized as a source of water to the home, except the items listed here.
    See More Info
  • Septic Pump

    Cover the major components and parts of your septic system.

    This option is available for First Year Customers only and is not renewable.

    • Mainline stoppages that can be cleared through an existing access or clean out without excavation
    • The septic tank will be pumped once during the contract coverage term if the stoppage is due to septic backup
    • Sewage ejector pump for septic system only
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  • Guest Unit

    Extend your coverages to guest units under 750 square feet.

    Our plans cover guest houses and rental units under 750 square feet. If your guest house is larger than that, you will need to purchase additional home warranty coverage.

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Trade Service Call Fee

With American Home Shield, you set the amount you pay when one of our contractors comes to diagnose your covered item.

Pay less per service call.



per service call

Pay less per service call.



per service call



per service call

Lower your monthly payment.

Lower your monthly payment.


Additional Benefits

Refer a Friend

If you refer a friend to AHS, we'll say thanks with a $25 Amazon gift card.

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Additional Property Discounts

Save $50 when you buy warranty coverage for an additional property.

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Discounts on Appliances

We pass discounts on name brand appliances to you.

Discounts on Air Filters

Consumers save 30 to 50% on retail prices for filters for your AC and furnace. And, we'll deliver them to your door.

Get answers to your questions about home warranties.

  • How much does an American Home Shield® Home Warranty cost?

    The price of a home warranty depends on the plan and Trade Service Fee you choose. Get a free quote to find out now how much it will cost

  • What does an American Home Shield® Home Warranty cover?

    Our flexible plans cover components of up to 21 of the essential home systems and appliances you depend on every day, from your A/C to your refrigerator to your water heater. Optional add-on coverage may also be purchased to cover items such as your home's pool and spa, well pump, and/or septic pump. View a sample contract for a complete list of what our plans can cover.

  • When can I start using my plan?

    You can start requesting service 30 days after you buy your warranty. If you purchased or were given a home warranty during a real estate transaction, your coverage starts the day of closing.

  • What's a Trade Service Call Fee?

    With American Home Shield, you pay a pre-set fee (which you'll choose when you purchase your home warranty) for the service requests you make under your warranty.

    You'll pay one fee for each different kind of trade professional contractor (plumber, electrician, etc.) that comes to your home to provide service. When both your toilet and your air conditioner break down, two kinds of trade workers need to come out to fix your problem ? the plumber can't fix the AC. If your toilet and your sink break down, only one trade service professional will come out and you'll only pay one fee (plus sales tax where applicable). .

    If you have a lot of older appliances or systems and may need to use your plan a lot, think about choosing a lower Trade Service Call Fee. If you have new systems and appliances and you are just looking for coverage, a higher Trade Service Call Fee may be a better fit. .

    Please note: that customers with real estate home warranty plans do not get to choose their Trade Service Call Fee.

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