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Lifestyle Ideas and Tips

Home life is the heart of The Home Matters Blog. When life feels out of control, find simple tips and tricks to manage stress and maintain a home-life balance, so you have the energy to create the moments that truly matter.

Father and son safely using drill

11 Tools Kids Should Learn How to Use

Teaching your kids how to use tools can be a great bonding experience. Here are 11 tools you should teach your kids how to use.

watch party food

Game Day Recipes for Small Watch Parties

Small watch parties with friends and family members are the perfect way to enjoy this year’s football season in a safe environment. If you’re planning a watch party, you’ll need plenty of snacks. These tried-and-true recipes are easy to prepare, and they’re sure to be a hit on game day.

Dog wrapped in blanket on couch

Preparing Your Pets for Winter Weather

Pets that spend some or all their time outdoors need your help in colder weather. Check out these tips to keep your pets happy and healthy.